Masculine Trajectories:// 

(Interview for Goldsmiths' social media channels.)

Masculine Trajectories://, utilises design led action to intervene within the climate of masculinity in contemporary society and culture. Through the development of a set of discursive ‘tools’ that facilitate conversation, I aim to form new language surrounding our individual, and collective understanding of masculinity.

Focusing on three areas: Artefacts, Language and Empty Your Pockets, these engagements provoke participants to engage with material I have collected through first hand research, and consequently draw on personal experiences.

The conceptual basis of this project was formed through my critique of contemporary cultural artefacts, such as the ‘Gillette: The Best Men Can Be’ advert. As well as exploring extreme manifestations of gender such as Drag Culture and Construction. 

(Some interactions that took place at the public launch of Masculine Trajectories://)

(The 'Choose' manifesto.)

(Public launch poster.)

(Excerpt from workshop manual.)

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