Hidden Homelessness

(brief set by uscreates & Crisis)

(Project film.)

Hidden Homelessness was the subject of a live brief between Goldsmiths Design, uscreates and the charity Crisis. The outline of the brief was to understand the root causes of homelessness, to map the systems, and to identify where there are good places to act or intervene. 

Through extensive research within a variety of outlets which included creating a database of cross referenced statistics regarding both rough sleepers and hidden homeless in all boroughs of London, Newham was chosen as the site of intervention. With a total number of 13,607 homeless people in the borough which equates to four percent of the population of Newham being homeless. 


Using other forms of research such as engaging the general public in dialogue a well as reaching out to specific groups such as Focus E15 and other charitable organisations, a network of people all active within the area of Newham was formulated. 


The response to the brief was a multifaceted approach with an underlying theme of activism to create a grassroots movement that would go on to raise awareness and challenge the public perceptions of homelessness. Delving into the psychologies of shock factor in terms of raising awareness as well as subtleties to engage in a meaningful dialogue to produce change, what was produced was a framework of processes that allowed for a large scope of political and social interventions to occur. 


These included guerrilla advertisement, a children's book and satirical performance active both in the real world and over a social media platform.

(uscreates entanglement map of homelessness.)

(uscreates entanglement map of homelessness.)

(Guerrilla tube stickers,)

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