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Effeminacy is an interesting word.

Historically it has been used in a derogatory manner to describe males who display traits that are often associated with females. In the modern day it can be said that masculinity, or ‘toxic masculinity’, is killing men across the world.

Suicide and depression rates among men are significantly higher than those among women and are continuing to rise. In an attempt to open channels of dialogue  between men of all race, age, sexuality and so forth ffmncy documents their stories. 

In the digital age certain figureheads have emerged, who have pioneered the idea of showcasing femininity in men. For example the young Jaden Smith stirred up controversy following his appearance in a Louis Vuitton campaign wearing a skirt, as well as rapper Young Thug who is known for wearing mainly womenswear whilst talking about gang-banging in his songs.

ffmncy is a design project that aims to get young males to embrace and showcase their femininity as well as to explore what masculinity means in the modern day. Using tools such as a Polaroid camera to represent the outdated concept of traditional ‘masculinity’ and contemporary documentary techniques such as Instagram to represent the new way of thinking.

Following a group of men that span a range of age, race and sexual orientation this book documents the influences and relationships that have shaped who they are today.

(Interview: Spencer)

(Re-working womenswear clothing for men to wear.)

(Excerpt from the first ffmncy publication.)

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